From book to blog…….Here goes!

  • To Tango is Divine!
    A ‘taster’ of my recent blog for The Joy Club
  • This Age Thing – Ageing Joyfully
    Delighted to write this piece for https// on Ageing Joyfully
  • A Bit of Soul Baring
    ‘In Conversation’ in Shine magazine.
  • The Best of Times
    A recent magazine article on the lows and highs following a premature retirement.
  • It’s born!
    My audiobook is out and I’m totally thrilled – even if only a handful buy it! How it began I hadn’t thought about producing one, as getting a hardback published was more than I’d ever dreamed of. But, almost imperceptibly, a trickle of people began asking if How to Age Joyfully existed in an audiobook … Read more
  • Happy 70th Birthday – to Me!
    I’ve made it! I can’t believe I’ve reached 70 and can now call myself a septuagenarian – although I also liked being a sexagenarian! And I feel pretty good, like Keith Richards! A whole new decade awaits and there’s so much I still want to achieve before I hit 80, 90…I have made a little … Read more
  • Oh Frabjous Days!
    I’ve seen the way ahead and it’s looking good! Joy … includes appreciating the small things, seeing the positives in a situation and keeping expectations realistic. I love London and could never live anywhere else. But, even for this Londonphile, three nights in the beautiful and sunny New Forest, gave us much joy. Being our … Read more
  • The Hold of Handbags
    I Love Handbags I confess to a long-standing addiction to handbags. I won’t say how many I’ve collected over the years, but it’s a lot. They come in various sizes, shapes and styles, from traditional to increasingly colourful and quirky now that I no longer work. There’s only one requirement – it has to be … Read more
  • ‘I love dancing’ – Dinkie Flowers, age 100!
    What an inspiration! Dinkie Flowers had to be the star of my blog this week. Not only did she celebrate reaching 100 years of age on May 7th, Dinkie was dancing – as she’s been doing for the last 97 years! ‘I have never stopped’ After training at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, … Read more
  • Happy Earth Day – every day!
    22nd April, 2021, was Earth Day So, I thought it timely to write a few words and remind ourselves… ‘What a wonderful world’…we inhabit Each ‘bright blessed day’ (to quote that great song), I’m grateful for our beautiful, diverse planet, filled with incredible creatures – us included. During the pandemic I think we’ve all truly … Read more
  • A Life Well Lived – HRH Prince Philip, 1921-2021
    A sad day On Friday 9th April, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died peacefully at Windsor Castle, a couple of months short of reaching his 100th birthday. For so many of us, his strong, supportive partnership with the Queen had existed throughout our lives. They had been married for 73 years. A real love … Read more
  • A Time of Hope, New Life, Renewal …and Eggs!
    Happy Easter and Passover Hello again. Just in time to wish you joy and happiness over this festive and, for many, religious period. Sorry to have been out of touch for a while but life suddenly became extremely busy with voluntary duties, talks on ageing joyfully and the book, and my usual weekly activities. Bad … Read more
  • Live for Today
    ‘My favourite day’ Winnie the Pooh
  • ‘..If you just smile’
    Smiling is contagious – infect others!
  • ‘Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough’
    Even in the worst of times
  • Here’s to 2021!
    It must, it can, and it will get better ..with a little help from us!
  • Christmas Conundrum
    To meet or not to meet…
  • Couch Potato Treats
    “Creativity is contagious, pass it on’ Albert Einstein
  • Tips for Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow…
    ‘A good laugh is sunshine in a house’ William Makepeace Thackeray
  • 5 Tips to Kick-Start Your Day
    Make each day the best it can be. It’s your choice.
  • Happiness in the Time of Covid? Part 2
    ‘Things will get better. Tomorrow will be a good day’ Sir Tom Moore on 1/10/20
  • Happiness in the Time of Covid? Part 1.
    What’s Happiness got to do with it? ‘Happiness? What planet have you been on these last six months?’ I hear the more restrained among you say. I agree the words that most readily spring to mind are probably – anxiety, insecurity, inequality, isolation, illness, loss, uncertainty, stress…… no more or it will be ‘Wine & Chocolate … Read more
  • You’re never too old to set a new goal!
    Welcome to the new blog of a joyful, outgoing sexagenarian (aka a person aged 60-69)

More recent news…


This has been a busy year including:

★ Speaking at the national ‘Making Change’ Conference run by the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance in October.

Two hour long, live, events, the most recent taking place at Riverstone Kensington. I was interviewed by the lovely BBC foreign correspondent, journalist and author Humphrey Hawksley, having been invited by Goldster, an excellent community-based platform that offers interactive and fun health and wellness activities that are backed by science and research.

★ Appearing in ‘The Retirement Cafe Handbook’ by Justin King, a good read whether you’re approaching retirement or already there.

★ a short slot on Radio 4’s PM programme following the publication of the Chief Medical Officer, Sir Chris Whitty’s Annual Report ‘Health in an Ageing Society’. A highly recommended read.

★ And a letter published in The Times, alongside not one but two Baronesses – I’ve arrived!

And more to come.

And earlier…

  • My Weekly Special
    How to Age Joyfully featured in another national magazine!
  • Natural Health Magazine
    A two page spread in 2022! I was thrilled to discover that ‘UK’s top holistic wellness magazine’ has included a double page spread on ‘How to Age Joyfully’. Thanks to Holly Treacy and ‘Natural Health’.
  • Move It or Lose It Healthy Ageing Conference
    What an uplifting event on 8th April 2022, ending with us all on our feet learning some Bollywood moves! Connecting with over 120 people for real was incredible after so long talking to people on screen. I was honoured to be among an illustrious array of speakers – all Professors /Doctors – including the amazing … Read more
  • Dancing in my 60s
    My article for The Joy Club
  • The Wisdom Hour – from This Age Thing
    I was delighted to be a speaker at the first two (free!) Wisdom Hour Events held in the magnificent Design Museum in London on 2nd October 2021. The other speakers were the Director of the Royal College of Art’s, Design Age Institute, Colum Lowe, and George Lee, Community Lead for the Institute and founder of … Read more
  • CSRF National Conference/AGM
    Honoured to give a presentation to the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship’s Annual National Conference and AGM. Thanks so much for inviting me – the Civil Service (as one of three generations of civil servants) and retirement are both close to my heart! This charity (@THECSRF) does great work helping former civil servants and their dependants … Read more
  • Open Age Art Competition
    Open Age ran an art competition in April asking ‘ What does ageing joyfully mean to you?’. The standard was high as there are many talented members who take advantage of the range of art classes available. A good number of these classes continued online during the pandemic. I even had a go at the … Read more
  • World Happiness Day Talk at Open Age
    In celebration of the UN International Day of Happiness 2021 (‘Happier/Kinder/Together’), I was thrilled to give a presentation at Open Age which was followed by animated discussion with around 30 members. The oldest attendee was a 92 year old member who attends a number of weekly exercise classes and is certainly ageing joyfully. How can … Read more
  • A Talk and Blog for The Joy Club
    Living better and ageing joyfully during a pandemic – and afterwards. Really looking forward to giving a talk on Wednesday 17th March, via Zoom, for the recently launched The Joy Club . It is open to all those in the UK from age 65. Helping us to age joyfully. My blog for the Club can … Read more
  • ‘Best in Singapore’!
    ‘How to Age Joyfully’ has not only made it all the way to Singapore but it has also been selected as the best book on health, fitness and nutrition on the website ‘Top Best in Singapore’. Extremely chuffed it’s appreciated both near and far. Thank you so much.
  • A generous mention in the CSRF’s ‘Staying at Home’ Guide
    Lovely surprise to see my book and blog get a mention in the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship’s Staying at Home Guide , the second of 2021. This excellent national charity’s newsletter also features other great charities including Independent Age. Thank you @CSRF for your kind words.
  • Supporting Local Bookshops
    You can buy the book online through the link below:
  • 15 Minute Video for Move It or Lose It
    Delighted to record a presentation, on ageing joyfully in these challenging times and how my book can help, for the excellent Move It or Lose It Club. Award winning Move It or Lose It was founded in 2010 by Julie Robinson. Take a look at what the Club offers and get free membership in January.
  • Ageing Ideas Advent Calendar- Keep dancing!
    Thrilled to be invited to produce a very short video for @csfoot, Co-Director of Evidence, at The Centre for Ageing Better. It appeared on December 4th on Twitter.
  • Everyone Can Dance – Para Dance UK
    I’m an Ambassador! I’m truly thrilled and honoured to have been appointed an Ambassador for Para Dance UK which promotes dancing for everyone, whatever their abilities. I look forward to working with this wonderful charity in a voluntary capacity, acting as an advocate for the Charity and Para Dance Sport in the UK, and providing … Read more
  • The CSRF Newsletters
    Thrilled the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship has featured my blogs and two posters. They are a great charity reaching out and helping former civil servants to live joyfully in retirement. So grateful for their ongoing support and comment that this website is ‘perhaps one of the most uplifting places on the entire Internet…. a must … Read more
  • Lewisham Pensioners Forum: 28/10/20
    ‘How to Age Joyfully. Is it Possible in A Pandemic?’
  • I’m a ‘Retirement Rebel’!
    Check out my quick fire Q & A with George Jerjian on what I’d tell my 18 year old self, aspirations, what makes me laugh…and more.