‘I love dancing’ – Dinkie Flowers, age 100!

What an inspiration!

Dinkie Flowers had to be the star of my blog this week. Not only did she celebrate reaching 100 years of age on May 7th, Dinkie was dancing – as she’s been doing for the last 97 years!

‘I have never stopped’

After training at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, Dinkie ice skated and danced all over the world, doing ballet, tap, modern – including a performance in the presence of HRH Prince Philip.

She tap danced in ‘The Greatest Dancer’ on BBC TV at 98, and continued to run a dance school, in Shoreham-by-Sea West Sussex, until lockdown hit. But even a pandemic couldn’t stop this indefatigable grandmother of four.

‘The thing is not to sit on your bum all day’

During this difficult and challenging year, Dinkie has been teaching three online dance exercise classes a week from her garage raising money for NHS Charities. Incredible.

She is a role model of How to Age Joyfully, exemplifying the book’s recommended steps including – moving, giving, having a purpose and a positive attitude, especially towards ageing.

‘I mean, how does anybody expect in this world to have a good body, walk well, feel well, if they’re not doing anything? It’s impossible’ – Dinkie Flowers

‘I think anyone can dance, even if it’s only a little’

I totally agree with this remarkable centenarian.

Having discovered dancing only in my late 50s, during the last 10 years I’ve tried dancing Argentine tango, ballet and Latin dances. I’ve also had a go at Charleston, hip-hop, flamenco, contemporary and recently re-lived the joy of disco dancing with a Zoom course at Open Age.

Some dance performances in my 60s, including at the Banqueting House, Trafalgar Square and at Westfield Shopping Centre, London (in Big Dance Pledges 2014 and 2016).

Dance for Life

Dinkie has announced ‘I shall dance until I die, until you take me out in a big box’. Hopefully she’ll be dancing for many years to come and she probably will – if sublime dancer Nureyev’s quote is accurate…

I sincerely hope I can too. I’m not a professional, not even a talented amateur, but who cares? I don’t. Dance gives me happiness, health and wellbeing. What more could one wish for at almost 70 – apart from being able to continue for another 30 years!?

My mantra is:

Illustration by Sir Quentin Blake

So, if you want to stay biologically young – whatever your chronological age – remember the wise words of the German philosopher Nietzsche:

…and follow the advice on BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ to ‘KEEP DANCING!’.

Stay strong; stay safe; stay smiling.


Maggy x