About Me

“Ageing is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been”

David Bowie

I’m Maggy Pigott, a positive, happy soul under normal circumstances. I’m relishing my increased freedom, time and capacity, now the children are grown up and I’m no longer earning a living.

I’m lucky, privileged and grateful to have had a great life (so far) in large measure due to family and friends, modern healthcare, some good genes and a certain amount of effort on my part.

And, at the age of 72 but still feeling about 40 inside, I’m very much looking forward to what the future may bring.

‘You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough’

Mae West

I’m trying my best to do it right for however long I’m around, and I’m planning and hoping to be around for a few more decades yet!

The backstory

After qualifying as a barrister, I joined the UK Civil Service and enjoyed a 37-year career dealing with the administration of justice. For 23 years I job-shared in various jobs, our last post being joint CEO of the judicial training organisation. My job-sharer and I were thrilled to each receive a CBE – not one shared between us!

Maggy receiving her CBE at Buckingham Palace
The most incredible, happy day at Buckingham Palace in 2012

I retired in 2011 due to ill health. That was earlier than I wished and it was a tough time.  Fortunately my health gradually improved and, having adjusted to this new stage, I returned to my usual upbeat self. Discovering a passion for dance (including Argentine Tango and ballet) in my late 50s and 60s hugely improved my life and wellbeing, despite having minimal ability. Undeterred, I joined a ballet-based performance company for dancers over 55 (Sage Dance Company) and Dance West’s Bolder Not Older Company and loved being part of these new communities.

My voluntary and other pursuits bring me fulfilment and happiness as well as a pretty packed diary. They also give me purpose and a sense of direction. Currently, I feel honoured to be an Independent Member of the Public Service Honours Committee, Vice – Chair of Open Age, a Vice Patron of Working Families, an Age Activist Trustee for the charity Flourishing Lives and an Ambassador for Para Dance UK and Sage Dance Company. As they say, how did I have time to work!

I’ve been married for over 45 years and we live in West London. We have an adult son and daughter who also bring much joy (and expense!) to our lives.

Sage Dance Company image
With Sage Dance Company members in our show Every Body Dance! at the Arts Ed Theatre in 2018. Photo: Chris Daw

From Twitter to a book!

I started Age Joyfully, @AgeingBetter, on Twitter a while back to spread a positive, yet realistic, portrayal of getting older and, to my surprise, it struck a chord. It still continues to attract followers, both in the UK and abroad. (There are over 8,500 now – do join them). I then thought I could try to write my first book to share what I’d learned and perhaps raise some money for Open Age. Incredibly, at 68, I became a published author. One day there may be a second book – watch this space!

You can find me on