I’m thrilled that ‘How to Age Joyfully’ has been praised by health and ageing experts and readers alike and has remained popular since its publication in the UK in July 2019. It has also won a small award.

One of my favourite endorsements from those in the field of health, ageing and longevity, is by Sir Muir Gray CBE, FRCPGlas, FCLIP, ‘an internationally renowned authority on healthcare systems’, author, and Professor and Consultant in Public Health, at Oxford University. He has written:

‘This is an outstanding book. It carries a clear message and expresses a clear philosophy, namely that we need to transform the way we think about living longer… Most of the problems people face are preventable and remediable and the book not only explains this but gives advice, insight and encouragement. It speaks from the heart, from an author who has knowledge and experience. It is a manifesto for living better longer’.

Thanks so much, Sir Muir!

More ‘experts’ reviews can be found on Amazon and in the book. They include the Centre for Ageing Better, Baroness Greengross and Alan Johnson.

Some Lovely Customers’ Reviews

And here are a few extracts from reader reviews, all ★★★★★  (on Amazon UK):

‘a must read book for people of all ages’ ‘all about living joyfully not only ageing joyfully’ ‘eye-opening’ ‘so inspiring’ ‘will encourage you to make the most of every day however old – or young – you feel’  ‘invaluable’ ‘entertaining wisdom’ ‘highly recommended’ ‘well written, carefully researched and above all full of realistic and manageable ideas to make growing older a time for optimism – and fun!’ ‘brimming with positivity backed by facts but without them taking over’ ‘enlightening and uplifting’ ‘fantastic’ ‘gem of a book’ ‘for purchasers of any age’ ‘a wealth of knowledge and experience’ ‘a great book full of common sense’ ‘a must for all who seek to age joyfully- and who doesn’t?’ ‘heart-warming’ ‘fabulous, accessible and delightful’ ‘realistic’ ‘excellent tips’ ‘inspiring quotations’ ‘rays of sunshine to cheer the soul’ ‘loved it’ ‘recommend this book to anyone’ ‘it should be in every library and ..talked about on television and radio’ ‘a joy to read’ ‘attractive and well-designed’ ‘a wonderful quality present’………….

‘Best Health, Fitness & Nutrition Book’ …

…on Top Best in Singapore website! A joyful surprise.

The review starts : ‘This book is a useful and comprehensive guide to ageing well in eight simple steps. Bursting with practical tips and inspirational quotes, each chapter is a joyful treasure-trove for anyone who wants to live a full and happy life…..’

And praise from 27 year old vlogger…

I was thrilled that ‘How to Age Joyfully’ was recommended by Beckie Jane Brown, the 27 year old You Tube vlogger (with an impressive 48,000+ followers on Twitter!). She said (about 21 minutes in) that it’s a great book but should be re-titled  ‘How to Live Your Best Life’ . That’s a thought!

Thank you!

I am really grateful and thanks go to all who’ve taken time to write a review and for the amazing comments. It really is lovely to receive feedback and specially to hear the book has been useful as well as enjoyable.

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