The Book

“An outstanding book… a manifesto for living better longer”

Professor Sir Muir Gray CBE FRCPGlas FCLIP

How To Age Joyfully – this 160 page, colourful, gift-style, hardback does what it says on the tin – or more accurately the cover! It may be small in size and short in length but it’s large in subject and big in purpose!

It is trying to help people, particularly those in mid-life and beyond, live a healthier and happier life. I passionately believe it can do that. It is also helping the charity Open Age, who are receiving 50% of my royalties.

How to Age Joyfully is an accessible, lighthearted, easy read, yet informative and fact based. I believe few books exist on this topic that appeal to a wide range of people, living in very different circumstances. I hope this book is one.

Front and back cover view of How To Age Joyfully by Maggy Pigott

Helping Adults Stay Healthier

Helping adults stay healthier by realising their power over their own ageing and taking action, not only helps improve the individual’s life, but also benefits society, through lower health care costs and increased productivity. So I’m delighted that (in addition to satisfied readers of How To Age Joyfully and its resulting media attention), the book is also beginning to be publicised by some in the health, social care and longevity fields.

It’s a small step but, as I quote in the book, ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ (Lao-Tzu). Onwards and upwards!

It is available both in the UK and abroad and I’m thrilled that it is currently being translated into Arabic.

The Eight Steps

The book has eight steps, over 150 practical, and low cost, tips and an even greater number of inspirational quotes, which show how to improve your health and wellbeing through physical activity, eating healthily, having a purpose, lifelong learning, giving, and being socially connected, positive, and grateful.

The steps are based on research and evidence as well as personal experiences, both my own and others.

It also contains: my brief personal story, around 50 amazing role models (aged 50 to 100+), a joyful playlist, further suggested reading and useful websites.

the reading chicken

As Recommended by Dame Judi Dench!

And, of course, there’s the wonderful Foreword by Dame Judi Dench, a fantastic role model for ageing joyfully. She starts with the words ‘This is a book that I believe is long overdue’ and ends with: ‘I commend this book to everyone of all ages and let us all age joyfully!’

Just a few favourite quotes included in ‘How to Age Joyfully’
Quotes to Inspire from How to Age Joyfully
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