It’s in print, it’s on Kindle, and since July 2021, THERE IS AN AUDIOBOOK!!

I hope it will be helpful to those who struggle to read for a variety of reasons, as well as the growing number who prefer to listen to books, perhaps while walking, exercising, driving, or just relaxing with a little glass of something.

A little excerpt of the audiobook

I am deeply gratefully to Nartan Rose Audiobooks. Not only has Nartan been a joy to work with, but I’m also absolutely thrilled with the end product. She also found two superb, award-winning, narrators, Helen Lloyd and James Gillies, who have made the text and quotations come alive and sound wonderful. Listening, I can barely believe I’m the author – with the help of so many truly inspirational quotations!

You can now buy the audiobook on Audible , Amazon and others too, and it will be free if you’re not yet on Audible and sign up for a trial!

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There are a few pages not included in the audiobook which are available to download;

🎧 Praise for How To Age Joyfully

🎧 Assorted Dedications

🎧 The Chapter ‘Want to Know More?’ which includes further reading and references.