A Time of Hope, New Life, Renewal …and Eggs!

Happy Easter and Passover

Hello again. Just in time to wish you joy and happiness over this festive and, for many, religious period.

Sorry to have been out of touch for a while but life suddenly became extremely busy with voluntary duties, talks on ageing joyfully and the book, and my usual weekly activities. Bad time management no doubt. But now I have more time, I’m proposing to start a newsletter shortly and hope you’ll sign up.

There is hope…

Here in the UK, the sun is shining (some of the time), it’s going to be hot (OK, only for a couple of days), vaccinations rise daily, lockdown restrictions are easing and the end is in sight – hopefully! Now these are powerful reasons to celebrate. For us, meeting our children over the Easter weekend will be a joy, and feasting on chocolate eggs another pleasure. I will try to show restraint…

Spring has arrived

Although losing an hour’s sleep (when the clocks went forward) is never welcome, it is in a good cause and signifies the long-awaited arrival of Spring and Summer.

‘There is no time like spring

When life’s alive in everything’

Christina Rossetti (1830 – 1894), poet

Walking around the streets, as blossom after blossom appears, certainly cheers my soul.

And importantly…

..this time reminds Jewish people of their escape to freedom. Freedom from oppression, discrimination and inequality has been highlighted this last year. To quote the former Chief Rabbi, philosopher, theologian and author, Lord Sacks:

So, celebrate your good fortune and be grateful

…for being alive, your health, family and friends you’ll soon be able to meet, and the small but important things, including spring flowers, (overpriced) chocolate eggs, Zoom, creative activities, a good book, a boxset, cooking, running, dancing or whatever brings you joy.

Stay safe; stay strong; stay smiling.


Maggy x