Happy 70th Birthday – to Me!

I’ve made it!

I can’t believe I’ve reached 70 and can now call myself a septuagenarian – although I also liked being a sexagenarian! And I feel pretty good, like Keith Richards!

A whole new decade awaits and there’s so much I still want to achieve before I hit 80, 90…I have made a little list.

‘Don’t admit your age’…

…..has been the advice from a few. But why ever not? I’m proud to be 70, not in the least ashamed or wanting to hide it. For example, I absolutely love the balloons (pictured above) that my daughter sent me and I’ve put a photo of them on Instagram.

‘Age is just a number’

I know some people say that believing ‘age is just a number’ is ageist. I disagree. For a start there are different types of age, for example chronological and biological, and they can vary considerably.

Secondly, I feel that the number of years I’ve lived on this planet is only important for claiming my pension and Freedom Pass, qualifying for early vaccinations, and senior discounts. Otherwise my age is irrelevant.

I feel 35!

What matters is how old – or young – you feel, and I feel about 35.

I admit that whenever I read that someone is over 65 (why do they always give ages, anyway?) my immediate reaction is that they are getting on a bit. Then I remember that’s me! I suppose if that’s my internalised picture of what over 65 looks like, that’s me being ageist. And, if I think that, there’s little hope for the perceptions that younger generations have of older people.

So, I proclaim my age at every opportunity, and try to show that, at 70, you can still have much to accomplish and enjoy. I’m still curious, learning new things, dancing (including the jive)… and even using social media, although I confess that TikTok has rather passed me by!

But with a lot more experience than a 35 year old!

One of many wonderful things about getting older is you still feel young inside, but, with a bit of luck, you will have accumulated a good deal of experience and hopefully some wisdom about life and what really matters. And probably, if the research is to be believed, you will be feeling happier.

You can also use this maturity to help those that are coming up behind you – which will make you feel even better!

And beginning to realise that you’re not immortal does wonders for enjoying each day you’re still here, and feeling grateful for what you have and can do, rather than hankering after what you lack.

A Message to you Young(er) Folk

Scrumptious Birthday Tea

Can I say to all those who have yet to turn 70, it’s great (so far anyway!) and I believe that, as Robert Browning said, ‘the best is yet to be’. You are in control of most aspects of your life and can do much to influence how good your future will be. (And if you need some help try my book, ‘How to Age Joyfully: Eight Steps to a Happier, Fuller Life’)!!

So, don’t fear, or deny your age. Celebrate with cake, chocolates, drinks, flowers, friends or whatever brings you joy. I had a wonderful night away with my dear husband and beloved children. What more could anyone want? Well, a little sunshine would have been nice…

Stay safe; stay strong; stay smiling.


Maggy x