Here’s to 2021!

It must, it can, and it will get better ..with a little help from us!

We made it!

Just a few words as we approach the end of one of our most difficult years, both on a global and personal level. And I’ve survived a fair number of years – and difficulties.

But we have got through it and, with a vaccine on the horizon, there is hope. It’s now a question of hanging on in there through the predicted tough first months of 2021, after which life should return to some kind of normality. Fingers crossed.

Says it all! One of many free e-cards from iconic illustrator Sir Quentin Blake

I do hope that your year hasn’t been one of substantial personal or financial loss, poor physical or mental health, or other hardships but, if it has, I also hope you’ve had people, a faith or whatever you needed to support you. I know how much that can help in the worst of times.

Perhaps the wise words of Stephen Hawking (1942 – 2018), who knew a thing or two about survival and thriving in challenging circumstances, may also help:

‘However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. While there’s life there’s hope’

It’s not been all bad…

And there have been some good stand-out memories of 2020, particularly the dedication of front line workers and our heartfelt attempts to show our appreciation, the brilliance of scientists achieving what seemed impossible only months ago, the countless acts of kindness and selflessness, and many people discovering what truly matters to them, including family, friends, health and hugs.

And in 2021….

With our actions and behaviour, coupled with a little luck, we will outlive and control this pandemic and may even emerge a kinder and more compassionate society.

On a personal note…

My personal goals (as we should have some – Step 3: Purpose) are in fact almost identical to every other year! They are to try to:

1. Stay positive and optimistic (Step 8: Be Positive);

2. Return to physical activity as soon as I can ( Step 1: Move);

3. Reduce my consumption of unhealthy food; over-eating at Christmas is traditionally allowed (Step 2: Eat Right);

4. Continue to do my little bit to help others (Step 7: Give) through the charities I actively support (Open Age, Para DanceUK, Sage Dance Company), my book (How to Age Joyfully), this blog and in whatever other ways I can contribute. Happily there are a few opportunities in the pipeline. Lastly:

5. I want to continue with two new found hobbies – clay modelling and singing (of a kind!) (Step 5: Grow).

And when this pandemic is over, I plan to hug mightily, meet friends, party hard, dance and laugh, like never before (Step 4: Connect). So there’s much to look forward to!

Beautiful drawing from the wonderful Charlie Mackesy, author of ‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’

(The sharp eyed among you may have spotted that one of my eight steps is missing. It is Step 6: Be Grateful – which I am, every day).

Here’s wishing you much health and happiness…

So, to all of you, my lovely readers, may you have a year of increasing joy, fulfilment and fun. Remember this isn’t forever and, in the meantime, here’s a brilliant reminder of some things you can do, from Emma Paxton, (who also produced two fabulous posters on ageing joyfully elsewhere on my website):

And finally, a big…

…to all of you, for your support on this new venture. It is much appreciated and, encouraged by your generous feedback, I will continue in the New Year.

Until then…

Stay safe; stay strong; stay smiling.


Maggy x